Food Safety Workshop

Organized by:

Red Española de Seguridad Alimentaria (SICURA)
CIGR Food Safety Working Group (FSWGR)
International Commission of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (CIGR).

The Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology (Spanish Council of Scientific Research) hosted the second edition of Food Safety Workshop providing attendees with A wide range of subjects relevant on current and emerging food safety issues, innovative solutions to new and recurring problems, latest technology and research as well as a wide range of products and services applied to food safety as well as it could provide the opportunity to network with professionals around the world. Held in Valencia at 5-6th July and it joined nearly 90 participants with around of 60 scientific publications. The event was organizated by Food Safety Working Group of the CIGR in partnership with the Spanish Network for Food Security (SICURA).
The meeting was attended by Industry (FIAB and other companies), government (AESAN), Institutions of Science, Education and Research from Europe (Germany, Spain, Italy), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia), Africa (Zimbawe) and the Americas (Canada, Brazil and Chile ) that could share experiences, discuss proposals to ensure safety of food produced in the world and planning work together.
The main thematic of this event was focus on innovations in industry and the use of new technologies applied to food safety. In programming, 31 national and international speakers discussed relevant topics related to new technologies and innovations applied to food safety. Among the most prominent issues discussed were the management of food safety, safe food production, the certification process and assessment of novel foods. The workshop aimed to discuss the various aspects surrounding the importance of food safety as an important factor for human health.

In this section you can find some of the authorized presentations: