Sicura network

The Spanish Food Safety network SICURA is a project that came into being with the support of the Sapnish Ministry of Science and Innovation. The idea of the network was to stablish a framework which brings together scientific, technical and industrial groups who work in the area related to food safety. The network was inspired by the existing European Network of Excellence of the 6 Framework Programme. The overal objective  of SICURA is to create a cooperative envirnment with the spanish scientiffic comunity and joint efforts toeards food safety. The network also promouts fod safety features and collaborations among the sectors involved in it: research, intitutions, industry and society.

SICURA aims are:

  • Identification of working groups and their areas of the interes
  • Coordination of thos groups together with institutional and social parties
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Training of young researchers and exchange of human resources
  • Participation in other national or international forums related to food safety
  • Creation of a virtual instutute to provide informatio, exchange ideas, interoperability with other systems and become a frame for discussion
  • Determination of emerging problems in food safety.

At pressent SICURA has strtongs relationship with the Food Safety and Nutrition Spanish Agency (AESAN) and the European Technological Platform (Food for Life).

The network started its activities in 2004 and now it has been granted again for a periode of three years with the objecive of progress in the development of the Quantitative Risk Assessment in Spain and joints effort with other international networks as the Food Safety Working Group from The International Commission for Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (FSWG-CIGR), sharing activities and the WEB site.

The coordinator of the SICURA network and the CHAIR of the FSWG-CIGR is the Dr. Antonio Martinez Lopez from Instituto de Agroquímica y Tecnología de Alimentos (CSIC)